Roman Goldrin (Estonia)
Roman Goldrin is helping people to achieve their inner balance. For this purpose he uses his extrasensory characteristics and unique methods to communicate with subconscious of a person.

about lecturer

Roman Goldrin was born in a city of Bor in Russia. With help of his father, Aleksandr Goldrin, who is master of sports in Estonia in a field of athletics and a trainer, he studied human anathomy and physiology, mastered massage (classic style), familiarized with acupuncture. In 1991 he graduated one of the first courses of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) guided by Aleksei Sytnikov. Since then Roman Goldrin mastered himself and is using these methods when working with people:
  • breathing and restoration of inner balance methods;
  • osteophatic methods;
  • methods for restoration of human power centers and potentials;
  • massage and soft techniques of manual therapy; massage and inner organ spasm removal techniques; methods of functional block removal from spine vertebra;
  • selection of motivational information;
  • fear analysis, reason-consequence and negative sceario review techniques;
  • introduces methods of self-diagnosis, self-influence, relaxation, balance restoration, selects adequate information;
  • according to the needs introduces to methods of transpersonal psychology, holistic medicine, Holotropic breathing, relaxing breathing, dynamic meditation and transitional meditation. 


Since 2006 to 2009 in Lithuania as a guest speaker for "Viva persona" events Roman Goldrin lead more than 10 seminars which covered topics "Live for 100 %", "How to make your children happy", "Anatomy of Balance".

Since 1997 Roman Goldrin through seminars and consultations helped for more than 2000 people and still experiences inner need to help people change their lives, to become more healthier and happy.